MLB The Show 20 Videos – Road to the Show Improvements (IGN, GameSpot)

MLB The Show 20 videos are coming in hot lately. Today, we get to see some videos showing off the improvements to Road to the Show this year.

Joe Doyle highlighted everything we saw in the videos, in his latest MLB The Show 20 article. But it’s always fun to read about some of the little things the community finds.

For example, countryboy found some more confirmed minor league player names:

  • Oscar Gonzalez (AA)
  • Ka’ai Tom (AAA)
  • Ernie Clement (AAA)
  • Gianpaul Gonzalez (AA)

Also of note, polyduster found a little gem in the Franchise tile that says “Featuring all-new custom teams”… That sounds interesting, maybe we hear a little nugget about it on the Thursday livestream.

Check out the MLB The Show 20 videos below.

IGN had 20 minutes of footage, as Ramone Russell walks through the changes made to Road to the Show this year.

GameSpot also had some time with Ramone, as they take a look at the new systems like instantaneous attribute boosts and real time team chemistry mechanics, which are based on player performance.

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