MLB The Show 20 Closed Beta Details Revealed, Along with Twitch Livestream Schedule Dates

Sony San Diego Studios has just revealed some of the closed beta details for MLB The Show 20, during their brief Twitch livestream. If you missed it, you can watch the archive here or in the embedded video below. We’ve also posted some of the details as well.

Just to refresh your memory, the closed beta for MLB The Show 20 starts tomorrow, January 14 and ends on January 20. Players that get selected can download the closed beta as early as today. The modes available in the closed beta include: Events, Battle Royale, Play with Friends, and DD vs CPU.

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Submitting Feedback

A brand new forum, specifically for the closed beta will be setup at The Show Nation Forums. These forums will be created on Tuesday. This is the ONLY authorized site to post impressions and discuss the closed beta.

You are not allowed to Twitch stream the closed beta or discuss it on social media, this includes any form of content creation. You are not allowed to post screenshots or discuss it on any form of public post. If you do post something outside of The Show Nation Forums, your account will be subject to getting banned.

Take the Surveys

Not only can you provide feedback in the official Show Nation Forums, they will also offer players to fill out surveys. This will also give the team valuable feedback and information.

Where are the Closed Beta Invites?

MLB The Show 20 closed beta invites are going out right now. So check your PlayStations, you might have to restart it. The invites are going out all day today, so keep an eye out.

What is the purpose of the closed beta?

It is for gameplay testing and tuning, specifically for hitting, fielding and throwing. Feedback is very important for those 3 areas, for final balancing, prior to shipping the game out.

Are there any issues in the beta we should be aware of?

Yes, there are issues, the team is already aware of and they are very well defined. Those details will be revealed in the beta forums at The Show Nation. None of the issues will stop you from playing the game, they are simply things they know about and will be fixed before the game ships.

How do you provide feedback?

Just by playing the game, you are providing valuable feedback, as they can view the telemetry data, which include hits, strike outs, home runs, etc. The dedicated forum area at The Show Nation will become available once the beta arrives tomorrow morning (you should see a red button in the top right area of the screen). The plan is to go “LIVE” with the Forums at 10:00 AM tomorrow. There will be dedicated threads for throwing, hitting and fielding, as well as an area for surveys. The surveys will go “LIVE” on Thursday.

Here’s the schedule of events for the MLB The Show 20 close beta.

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20

Ramone also teased the Twitch livestream schedule for MLB The Show 20. While the titles have been replaced by question marks, it will be fun to guess what they could be. Either way, at least some dates and times have been revealed.

MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20