Madden NFL 20 Patch 1.13 Available – Patch Notes Here


Madden NFL 20 game update 1.13 is available, check out the patch notes below and let us know what you’re seeing.

NOTE: The Madden Engineering team is currently looking into the unexpected issue with Madden Ultimate Team and Superstar KO.

Key Highlights

  • Colts WR TY Hilton has been upgraded to a Superstar X-Factor to replace former Colts QB Andrew Luck, who recently retired. Here’s a quick breakdown of TY Hilton’s abilities:
    • RAC ‘em Up – When in the zone, wins RAC catches vs. single coverage
    • Double Move Elite – Higher chance of success when running double-move routes
    • Route Technician – Quicker cuts while running routes
    • DEV NOTE: These X-Factor updates will only impact franchises created after today’s update when using the ‘Custom Roster’ option when creating the league; these changes will not impact existing Franchises.

Global Updates

  • General stability and connectivity improvements

Gameplay Updates

  • Fixed issues with the ‘Backfield Master,’ ‘Backfield Mismatch,’ and ‘Matchup Nightmare” abilities
  • Fixed a QB Scramble bug when hot routing on PA Zone Fake Jet
    • DEV NOTE: In our previous title update, we mentioned that we fixed a similar issue. There were two cases that caused the QB to enter a bad state, and the previous update only fixed one of those cases. This will fix the other known case, which is specific to the PA Zone Fake Jet set-up.

Madden Ultimate Team Updates

  • Fixed an issue causing unreadable text to appear in the ‘Seasons Progress’ bar after losing a MUT Seasons game
  • Fixed an issue causing the Mission List to be cut off when having too many items present in the MUT Hub

Superstar KO

  • General stability improvements